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good room and looked nicely. The other one he could not find and it was either hung up out of sight or rejected. Four thousand pictures were rejected. Bradfords white bear picture among the rest, a large picture of Breirstadts, Farrers oil pictures, while his water colors were put in the line. LaFarge's large picture was rejected and his flowers hung high and in a corner. Inness "skied" Hennessy ditto and one out; so among so many dead and wounded, I have done well. Boughton's three pictures, each parts of a whole are hung together in the line and form a centre so that he could not have been better treated.

The weather is raw and windy again and the air obscured by smoke from the burning woods on the mountains. We went to Kingston yesterday and got seeds and plants for our flower garden but it is so windy we cannot put them out.

Saturday May 1872. Gertrude and I finished our flower garden today and I nearly broke my back carrying water to water them. Oscar Sawyer and Girard came from N.Y. Oscar is a delegate to the Philadelphia (Grant) convention from Salt Lake and also to a preliminary meeting for the Centennial Convention. I wrote to Boughton on Friday but too late for the Saturday mail. Fires are burning everywhere in the mountains and all day the smoke has been so dense that Hussey Hill has not been visible.

Sunday 19. It was raining when we awoke a soft, gentle rain greeted with thankfulness by everyone. Mrs. Horton was to be buried from the Episcopal church her mother having arrived from Havana. The rain cleared about the time of the funeral and we all went down to attend the ceremonies and after the service I walked up to the cemetery.

Monday 20. I wrote to Mr. Hamilton and to Mr. Hoe, telling him to send the picture to my room as I would be down in a day or two and expected to finish it. The ice house at Brugers' hook burned about dinner time

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Transcription Notes:
William Bradford painted pictures of polar bears in the Arctic, so I think that is what is meant by "Bradfords white bear picture". There's a place that looks like he wrote "do." for ditto of "rejected".