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the boat and Wilkinson to Pokeepsie.  Here in Rondout it has been one of the hottest days of the season and certainly I never suffered more from the heat than I did while I was fishing. I received a letter from Sillech asking me to give him a note which I was obliged to decline telling him that I expected to be able to pay him in Sept.  I also received a  letter from Dorman the tenor of which showed me how exceedingly difficult it will be for me to satisfy him with a picture.  He is so afraid he wont get the very best thing I ever painted or expect to paint. However I have been at work on his picture today and improved it I want to paint a good picture and then if he does not take it it will not be my fault. Vaux sent me a check for $50 on account of his picture which was very obliging of him as he was not obliged to pay it now.  It is very hot today and we have had frequent showers.  My mother Gertrude and Mary have gone to a tea party at Mrs. Rina's.  Sara is still confined to her bed but feels a little better. The little bird whose cage fell and hurt him the day I left is apparently getting well.

Sunday July 20". Yesterday was a perfect day and for the first time in a long while I went off for a walk over the hills to the Roa=tina. The air was cool and delicious the landscape full and rich in color and I enjoyed my ramble greatly. The summer seems just verging in the point which leads to Autumn.  The grass and the grain are nearly all harvested, the thistles are ripening and the yellow birds scatter their downy tufts in search of the seeds.  When I returned Gertrude handed me a nice long letter from Bayard Taylor from Gotha, Germany.  I sat down at once and answered it. I presume Gifford and Whittredge arrived at their destination yesterday.  I almost regret I did not go with them, and hope Gifford will write

Transcription Notes:
McEntee was from Rondout, NY; McEntee was a particularly close friend of Hudson River School artists Sanford Robinson Gifford, Worthington Whittredge;