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son and I hung the pictures in the afternoon. Winston Horner had a capital picture of "Snap the Whip" full of daylight and character. Mr. Blackburn of London was there, editor of London Society. He took me up to my little picture (Mr. Chickerings) and said in confidence that the best picture in the room and the one showing the best feelings (not knowing whose it was). I dont know what his judgement is worth but he showed good sense in his criticisms. The proposition to increase the number of members to six hundred was lost. I voted in the negative. I was put on the committee on nominations for this year. Stanley was there. I hear his lectures are a clear failure, to my great surprise.

Thursday Dec. 12" 1872. I had one of my severe headaches last night. Have been suffering all the week with a troublesome tooth which has made me half sick. Sara came over and dined with Gertrude. A Mr. Ogden called on me on Tuesday and wanted to buy a picture. He said he would send his wife to look at the one I painted for Mr. Dorman. On Wednesday Mr. Deforest called. He told me his sister-in-law wanted to buy an important picture and he would get her to come and look at my "October". I repainted the sky yesterday entirely covering the cracks and I think much improving the picture. I have been at work most of the week on the picture for Mr. Hoe which is about done. Today I began a sea picture.

Sunday Dec. 15 Whittredge came yesterday bringing a Scotch gentleman and his sister and a lady friend. They seemed much interested in my pictures and the things in the room. While they were here Russell the carman called me to the door to inform me that Kensett was dead! Kensett whom we had all suffered was almost well again. Joe Tomkins came in shortly after having just arrived from New Brunswick. Gussie and Sara came over to dinner and immediately after dinner I went up to Kensetts where I found the two Mr. Olyphants and David Johnson. Johnson told me that about 1 o'clock he had been in to see Kensett and