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Such Sub Asst Commissioners and Agents as may be necessary for each State, at a monthly salary of not less than seventy five (75) or more than one hundred and fifty (150) dollars.

One (1) Chief Medical Officer in each State at a monthly salary of one hundred and seventy five dollars ($175).

Act'g Asst. Surgeons at one hundred dollars ($100) per month.  

Two (2) Clerks in the office of each Asst. Commissioner, one of these to be employed by the Disbursing officer, at one hundred and twenty five dollars ($125) per month.

All other clerks employed by Assistant and Sub Assistant Commissioners at a monthly salary not exceeding one hundred dollars ($100).

All superintendents of marriages, employment agents, Transportation Agents, and supernumerary employees, will be discharged ten days after receipt of this letter and their duties performed by the Local Superintendents and Agents.

It is not intended by these instructions to increase the force of employees; and where officers of the army are holding any of the aforesaid positions, they will be