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"Vivian" informed him that it could not be done. refused to be arrested or give up his six shooter & in attempting to use it & escape was shot through the heart & instantly expired

The Act'g Cor'l & the men under him carried out my orders to the letter & tho' intimidated by people or rather tho" people tried to intimidate them by telling them that three times their number couldn't take him that he had friends to assist him & would resist them to the death still they spurred on unfalteringly until they found him.  
I will give you some idea of the man. 
One day feeling unusually bloodthirsty, he swore he must kill a nigger. The first man or person he met was a Freedman he shot him through the top of the head fortunately not fatally. He made a white boy 12 years of age dance till exhaustion brought him to the ground  Meeting three Freedmen one day he made them prey, got down on their knees & pull grass & also eat it.  Would get young men together & preach that the negro had no soul, were no better than cattle & now that they were free it was no crime to kill them.

I am now engaged in hunting

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