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in this position, Capt Saml. J. Wright. AQM & D.O. in giving me instructions, informed me that it was unnecessary to make application to be furnished with Oil & Candles to purchase in Liberty & forward account for same monthly & it would be paid.  Predicating on that, I of course never thought it necessary to make any further application on the matter. Heretofore all my a/cs for Oil & Candles have been paid.

I have never purchased a single item without first making application in writing or verbally & receiving permission with one exception the Tongs & Shovel.

I suppose I've used thirty pound of Candles the past month, now must I perform all this labor & then pay for the Candles to do it by.

I could sit here & write all Night.  I'll not bore you longer, but will conclude with one request.  For God Sake send an Inspecting Officer here, then I do know that the a/c for Oil & Candles will be allowed.

I am Dr Sir
Very Truly &c
A.H. Mayer