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The State of Texas.
Co of Fort Bend

I Josiah King do hereby sign this instrument of writing binding myself heirs Executors & Assigns in the payment of the sum of sixty dollars lawful money of the US. and do hereby grant & give unto W H Rock sub-Asst Commssr B R F & A.L. two horses viz: "One horse sorrel, branded J.H.W on the left fore shoulder, one Dunn horse with glassy eye do not exactly remember the Brand. These horses are to be taken and sold for payment of fine and costs amounting to sixty dollars if payment of said fine and costs is not made by the twenty-eighth day of July 1867. This lien is to be null & void, if payment of said fine & costs is made on or before the, said Twenty Eighth day of July. This to be full and sufficient authority for the sheriff to levy and sell at public auction by order of the Bureau said horses if such fine and costs are not paid by the twenty-eighth day of July 1867 aforesaid.
Signed & delivered in the presence of, this 28th day of June 1867.
sd Josiah King
sd Wm. H. Rock
sd J. W. Miles.