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20 Jan
R/19/R20 Scrub

Actions due 26th Jan
FOD - IMU RM guys 19565 V throld formaln enhancemts
19991 IMU fault isol ussing ROM rates
29735 Velocity DG

Verify if ATT PROC quats retrived by U/L (24692)

29444/688 Entry controls

29520 & other RNDZ guys

Other candidates identified
[[4 Columned Table]]
| | |Actionee|Status|
|29662|PRE-MECO RCS burns|||
|29680|OMS TVC SOP-MM 101|||
|29749|LPS command processing|SSD/Dawson||
|29764|Low Z PULSE mode, Orbit DAP|KS/Ho.|MANDATORY|
|29775|Selective INH, SSME shutdown|E&D||
|29861|RCS mated coast bending filter|||
|29865|Unic. Ptg. display update|ks||
|29977|RJD toggle current||M|
|29982|Ascent ADI relmat|||