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28 April

Super G mtg - Dyson, Olszewski, Wylee, de Vezi, Sn/Ho

a) ON/OFF init
b) Flt techs issues
c) CG Nav CR (ready for subaussion)

->Drb Flt Tech's May 20

Can't make max use of threshold until CG CR goes in.
Qps trans - any potential garbage input?
Qps Z value doesnt carry unto Qps 3 (couldnt chg it;)

R18 Thold normalized by URP/NAV cycle times
38400/3*84 (nav period) = 1000 pg

CG Nav CR - ~78 wds qps Z (CSDL assessment)
Fwd? Hwd?

Transcription Notes:
Sorry it's kinda screwy. I'm new to this.