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5 May
STS-2 open S/W mtg
Thorsen's memo +
additional items:
TRANSDAP I/L auto mnvr rate to .5°/s ?
TACAN RM 40° glitch n-counter to >10 ?
ST shutter - periodic open cmd ?
VTR temp n-filter change for playbacks ?

[[right arrow]] Status of whole-word complementing in R18 ?
M5 ADTA - change or delete
PTI 1/L's
OMS dump 1/L's
Ops 8 self-test limits

* Bob Weaver R(1) - STS-1 FDA lash-up

Frank Digenova + Ho + Guy Gd etc Fri or Mon on MNVR Dip

Dennis Webb - Working Class 3 limits STS-2 for new cards [[underlined new cards]]
Due by end of wk w/ new list.
Coultas already has Class 2.

Transcription Notes:
Please help resolve [[?]]s before marking for review. Thanks! - Emily, TC team [[?]]s appear to be resolved. The only question marks I see in the current transcription are also written in the notebook. --Kaitlin, volunteer