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8 May [[8 may is boxed]]


STS-1 data @ FSL - 1st roll mnvr [[?]] [[arrow]] 1 db stability mgm [[?]]
re-run in manual gave 20 db margin
May suggest MAN mnvr for STS-2.
Joe H wants to set up ~ [[?]] 30° roll manually
Then increase 0 [[?]] stepanse [[?]] accdg [[according]] to Q [[special symbol]]
MET/TET - Stone found 9 gnd [[?]] processses [[processes]] making use MET
ST fixes [[ST fixes underlined twice]] (Alford)
•COAS bias 1/L not scheduled for fix , STS-2
•Bos/Tgt suppress fux [[?]] H/w or S/W options
chy BOS sensitivity + or H/W protect (harder)
s/w - periodically cross-check BOS & shutter cmd;
recycle shutter & no BOS. Swinyl [[?]] & Co. looking @ H/W.

Auto mnvr /error needles [[double underlined]]
Hoffman : discovered Ops ZoZ needles = implement #3 [[double underlined]]
STS - 1 only use of DAP errors was for establishing gravity gradient & momtory [[momentary?]] errors for jet firings [[?]]
AUTO [[Arrow pointing in both directions]] MAN shouldnt affect needles: Always show total error to CRT altitude
Dnmode [[?]] to manual should blank the * but @ AUTO MNVR compl [[?]] *should remain

I/O [[double underlined]] NSP I/O problem fixed R18
Switch re-labelled ENA/GPC BLK/NSP BLOCK Normally use GPC BLOCK (former Blk CRIT; s/w block w/no [[?]] bypass set)

Transcription Notes:
[[?]] indicates the preceding word has been attempted but could have been misinterpreted.