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18 Nov 81

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Kelso & Hawley on S0031/S0002 etc

*CCTV for IECM/REM sep test very HD (no aft windows visib)
Camera B most impt
(Cratered bad on fet 2)

P/L monitoring pre-launch
S0007 mods to schedule powerup etc (T/R's, C&DH)
HDM goes off at crew ingress (Steve does it)
Have to do P/L config around tanking time (agreed to 
at 21 Oct telecon w/ Hawley).

Dry CDDT: pqm office re-visiting issue this week.
Definitely gone on STS-4

MLR, EEVT etc [[strikethrough]]will probably get check in CEIT TPS[[\strikethrough]] individual fit checks early Jan.

*EEVT/MLR CSM= Butch Farley, Ken Dyke
Gordo & Broad running in 9A TH/FRI & next Wed

STS-2 pallet;   
pumps run on 2 phases
poss freon contam.
ΔP was 8 (should be 15) @ 1800 #/HR

OSS-1/CITE saw 4 psi @ 1200 #/HR
5KW over whole flt to range flow to 1800

•Pennington/ OEX
[[strikeout]][[OEX]] ACIP data to be routed to both P/L &OEX redrs
Need to add this link to OEX OMI

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