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[[left margin]]
[[checkmark]] Smithsonian 1154/1838 [[/left margin]]

13 small oval tiles, Egyptian. Pale greenish blue glaze, uncrackled, cover their entire surface. A five pointed star is impressed in the top of each piece. The diameter of each piece averages about 1⅛ in - each piece is perforated with three holes. $5.00.

[[left margin]] [[checkmark]] Smithsonian [[checkmark]] 1153/1837 [[/left margin]]

[[crossed out]] 60 pieces [[/crossed out]] (62 in all) 49 small cerealan Pottery. Tiles. Egyptian. White brown and blue glaze - uncrackled. Small circular [[crossed out]] and oval [[/crossed out]] tiles, [[crossed out]] in [[/crossed out]] mosaic style; decorated with blossoms. 
From Tell el [[crossed out]] Yahonda [[/crossed out]] Yehudiyeh.
Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. $35.00 [[checkmark]]

[[left margin]] Smithsonian 43 [[checkmark]] [[/left margin]] 

One Statuette. Bronze. Egyptian. Figure of a woman [[crossed out]] Woman [[/crossed out]] standing wearing a crown; her left-handed extended. The base is oblong and has two prongs underneath extending downward. 
Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 50.00 [[checkmark]]

[[left margin]] Rejected [[checkmark]] [[/left margin]]

One Figure. Stone. Egyptian. 

[[crossed out]] Left foot broken off.[[/crossed  out]] A part of the left foot broken off and missing. 
Wrapped for burial. 
Height, 9".

Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 25.00 [[checkmark]]

[[left margin]] Smithsonian 1155/1839 [[/left margin]]

1 small Pottery figure of Isis holding horus upon her knees. Egyptian - Entirely covered with green glaze, uncrackled. Intact. Height 1¼ in - $3.00 [[checkmark]]

[[crossed out]] Four Dishes or Plates. Egyptian.

Blue glaze.
Decorated with various designs.
(Broken in transit)

Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 75.00 [[/crossed out]]

[[left margin]] [[checkmark]] Smithsonian 1156/1840 [[/left margin]]

1 Pottery figure of a Monkey- Egyptian.
Entirely covered with dark blue glaze, uncrackled, but showing many sand marks. The monkey is seated with his elbows resting upon his knees and his hands holding his chin. Intact. Height 1⅛ in $5.00 [[checkmark]]

[[note]] See 6 entries near this item [[/note]]
[[crossed out]] Six small Figures and Animals. Pottery. Egyptian.

Glazed different colors.

Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 20.00 [[/crossed out]]

[[left margin]] [[checkmark]] Smithsonian 1157/1841 [[/left margin]]

1 fragment of a Pottery Figure- Taurt. (the hippopotamus-goddess). Egyptian 

Dense paste - Light blue glaze; uncrackled.
The parts from the waist down are missing.
Eyelet on back of shoulders. Height 2⅜ in- $10.00 [[checkmark]]

[[left margin]] [[checkmark]] Smithsonian 1158/1842 [[/left margin]]

1 Pottery figure Khnemu- (a god with the body of a man and head of a flat-horned ram.) [[note]] Egyptian [[/note]]
Entirely covered with gray green glaze, uncrackled- Intact.  Height 1⅛ in  $5.00 [[checkmark]]

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