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[[checkmarks]] Rejected 1869 
One Necklace. Pottery. Egyptian.
Blue Beads. Stringed, 10½ inches long.
Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 10.00 x [[checkmarks]]

[[checkmark]] Rejected 1868 - [[strikethrough]] (A)[[/strikethrough]] 1869 - [[strikethrough]] (B)[[/strikethrough]] 
Two Necklaces. Pottery. Egyptian.
Figures, beads, &c. in green & blue - 7 in long [[checkmark]]
Figures, beads, &c. in green & red - 4 in long 
Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 10.00 x [[checkmarks]]

Rejected [[checkmark]] 
One small Figure. [[checkmark]] Silver. Egyptian.
Isis, [[strikethrough]] with child on lap [[/strikethrough]] seated, holding Horus [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] on knees. Only partially cleaned.
Height, 2¾".
Purchased in Egypt, Winter 1906/1907. 25.00 x [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] Rejected
"Heru-pa-khrat." One [[strikethrough]] small [[/strikethrough]] Figure. [[checkmark]] Bronze. Egyptian.
Wearing double crown; left hand [[strikethrough]] next [[/strikethrough]] near knee and forefinger of right hand to lip. [[strikethrough]] Finger to lip. [[/strikethrough]] Both feet rest upon small pedestal. crown soldered on
Purchased in Egypt, Winter 1906/1907. 10.00 x [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] Smithsonian 1164/1848
One Ornament shaped like a stele, for use at a tomb. Pottery. Egyptian.
Dense paste. Dark Blue glaze uncrackled 
[[strikethrough]] Two incised decorations; one of a bird. Blue glaze. [[/strikethrough]]
Decorated on one side with two designs incised, one being of a bird and flail. 
Height, 6⅝". 
(Broken in two pieces)
Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 10.00 [[checkmark]]

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