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[[left margin]] [[2 checkmarks]] Smithsonian 1165/1849 [[/left margin]]

One Water Holder. Pottery. Egyptian.
[[strikethrough]] Decorations of fish and beetle. [[/strikethrough]] Dense paste. Blue glaze - uncrackled. The upper side is modeled to represent a beetle and the base shows a fish in relief-
Height, 1¼";
Length, 2¼".

Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 15.00 [[checkmarks]]

[[left margin]] [[2 checkmarks]] Smithsonian 1166/1850 [[/left margin]]

One figure of Horus. Pottery. Egyptian.

Entirely covered with Greenish-blue glaze.
Standing with both hands at hips.
In perfect condition.
Height, 3".

Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. [[strikethrough]] 10.00 [[/strikethrough]] $20.00 [[checkmarks]]

[[left margin]] [[2 checkmarks]] Rejected 1870  [[/left margin]]

One Vase. [[checkmark]] Pottery. Egyptian.

Flaring mouth and foot.
Greenish-blue glaze with black decorations.
Height, 4".

Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907.  x 10.00 [[checkmarks]]

[[left margin]] [[2 checkmarks]] Rejected 1871  [[/left margin]]

One Egg-shaped [[checkmark]] hanging Ornament, with wire loop. Pottery. Egyptian.

Blue glaze.
Height, 2½".

Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. x 5.00 [[checkmarks]]

[[left margin]] [[checkmark]] Rejected [[/left margin]] 

2 [[strikethrough]] Three [[/strikethrough]] Scarf Pins. and one [[strikethrough]] locket [[/strikethrough]] pendant. Pottery set in gold. Egyptian.

All in Blue glaze. 1872 -- The pottery in one pin is of an evil eyes in the [[checkmark]] 
1873 -- other a head of Bess in the round. x [[checkmark]]
1874 -- The [[strikethrough]] locket contains [[/strikethrough]] pendant is a pottery "Bess"[[checkmark]] mounted at edges with gold. [[checkmark]]

Purchased in Egypt, winter 1906/1907. 15.00

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