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[[checkmark]] Smithsonian 1169/1853

One small Crown. Pottery. Egyptian.
Blue Glaze. Entirely covered with eyelet on back. 
1" long.
Purchased from Spinck & CO., in London, fall 1907.
$2.00 [[checkmark]]

[[checkmark]] Smithsonian 1140/1854

One very small standing figure. Pottery. Egyptian.
Green Glaze. Hand upon his stomach. Eyelet at back of neck .50ยข[[checkmark]] 
1/2" high.

Purchased from Spinck & Co., in London, fall 1907.

[[checkmark]] rejected

Two [[strikethrough] Three [[/strikethrough]] small Figures. Bone. Egyptian.

Each About 1" high, and each wears a crown - one has an eyelet at back of neck and one has a pierced hole for thread at same place x

Purchased from Spinck & Co., in London, fall 1907. 
for the two - $2.00

[[checkmark]] Rejected
One small Seal. [[checkmark]] Stone. Egyptian.

Pink - bird on back. [[checkmark]] x 
3/8" long.

Purchased from Spinck & Co., in London, fall 1907 $1.00

[[checkmark]] Rejected
One Carving. [[checkmark]] Ivory. Tibetan.

An elephant and girl in miniature landscape.
Upright, 14" x 6".

Purchased from Spinck & Co., in London, fall 1907. x

Price for the foregoing seven items - 300.00 [[checkmark]] 

[[checkmark]] Rejected 1877
Two small pieces Pottery. Egyptian.  

Flat, blue glaze. 
Each has a reclining bull in low relief. X

Gift from Miss Nordlinger, in London, fall 1907. Gift.

R/ Manuscripts, [[?]] 1907- 7,750,00 [[checkmark]]

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