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S 1171 | 1833 
One low circular Dish. Egyptian.
Dark blue glaze, crackled
Thickly mottled. Decorated inside with four fish and four Papyrus buds in black. A black band on rim. Repaired
Height 1 5/8".
Diameter 7".
Purchased in Egypt in 1907. 50.00 [[checkmark]]

S 1172 | 1834
One low Dish. Egyptian.
Pale blue glaze, uncrackled, thinly spread.
The inside decorations consist of a circular design, consisting of four fish, four lotus buds and four groups of Papyrus foliage, in black. Near the rim a circular band of vertical lines.
The under side has a rosette in eight divisions surrounded by an eight-pointed star; between the points of the star, eight smaller rosettes are introduced.  Repaired
Height 1 3/8".
Diameter 7 3/8".
Purchased in Egypt in 1907. 30.00 [[checkmark]]

R 1835
One small low Bowl. Egyptian.
Thin blue glaze, uncrackled
The inside decoration consists of three fish within a circle, outside of which, four lotus buds appear.
On the base, a design consisting of a star-shaped floral decoration ending in eight points. Repaired
Height 1 3/8".
Diameter 5 1/2".
Purchased in Egypt in 1907. 15.00 [[checkmark]]

S 1173 | 1836
One fragment of a low circular Dish. Egyptian.
Soft gray paste.
Rich heavy blue glaze, crackled.
Undecorated. Within the center three spur marks.
The basal ring is heavily mottled and shows three large spur marks and one chipped spot. Rim badly broken, parts missing.
Height 1 3/8".
Diameter 6 1/2".
Purchased in Egypt in 1907. 15.00 [[checkmark]]

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