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Kalebdjian Freres
32 Rue Le Peletier,
Paris, France

/Octagonal Bowl. ----- Soft paste, 
Turquoise glaze, slight silvery irredescence. In each one of the eight panels there are designs
in the paste, in relief, under the glaze. One of the designs show two horses standing face to face
each bearing riders- another design shows two archaic animals resting on their hind legs facing each 
other. Height 5 1/2 in Dia 7 1/2

1 Round Jar Made in Egypt by Persian potters
in the time of Drius. Hard dense paste. Dark turquoise glaze - heavy overflow on one side of neck & shoulder. 
Foot & edge of mouth unglazed 
Height 7 in.
The two pcs $2.200

Frs prepaid [[checkmark]]
Duly chargeable to C. L. F. [[checkmark]]

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