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The use of five valuable lots & two parcels of public ground has been granted by the Honorable Secretary of the Interior.  Three of these lots are located at Cor North [[strikethrough]] N & O Sts [[/strikethrough]] and East 12th Sts and two lots are in Sq 554 in the North part of this City.

Permission has been obtained for all the Teachers to purchase their provisions and Wood & Coal of the Govt at cost price. In supplying schools with furniture about eight hundred bench seats have been fitted up & placed in school rooms and some hundreds of benches are still on hand for future calls. 

Eight hundred small chairs and about one hundred charts have been obtained of J McPerkins Esq. by payment of $200. Two schools have been aided in part in making furniture for themselves.  Forty stoves, Hods &c were obtained for school use. Twenty three have been placed in school rooms.  Twenty Black Boards