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power to this end,
18 stoves, pipe &c have been furnished for the use [[strikethrough]]of school[[/strikethrough]] of schools during the month, also 38 curtains 22 [[?]], 12 charts & several other articl of furnitue, A majority of the teachs have organized a Teachs Association which holds monthly meetings for consultation upon subject of material intent It is [[strikethrough]] expect that [[/strikethrough]] hoped and expected that all the teachs of Colored Schools will join this Association. Great harmony is manifest among the diffrint [[strikethrough]]Agencis[[/strikethrough]] Benevolent Societs Engaged in this educational work all are trying faithfully to do a temporary work, will, hoping that soon a good [[?]]  school system will afford [[strikethrough]] all the facilities required in the [[/Strikethrough]] permanent school [[?]] in the District of Columbia.

(V A ) The V Pres  [[?]] in Georgetown has for a long time opened the Basement of the Church [[?]] for a colored school.

Very respectfully your obt servant John Kimball
Sup of Schools