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33 Ferry Avenue,
Detroit, Mich., Oct., 28, 1907

My Dear Sir:-

Your letter dated Cairo, 12th of October, came this morning and I have read the same with much interest.

The Berlin Museum is to be congratulated upon having purchased the fine stone statue which we saw together at Nahams last spring. However, it has fortunately fallen into good hands and will reflect eventually much credit upon the managers of the Berlin Museum.

I am surprised at that part of your letter which refers to some of our mutual friends who live in Paris, and I hasten to tell you that you are entirely mistaken in your suspicion of their enmity. Not one of the men I saw while in Paris said a word against you or against your potteries or books. In fact, Mons. Migeon, I am sure, cares highly for many of the objects shown us in your establishment. Now to make the situation perfectly clear to you, I must repeat what I said to you in Paris.

My recent trip abroad was made for the express purpose of studying Persian and Into-Persian paintings and manuscripts, and to these matters. I gave practically all of my time. The result was that I purchase the large collection of Indo-Persian paintings and manuscripts, formerly owned by Col. Hanna, and the entire lot is now on its way to Detroit. This collection, along with a few other specimens which I already owned, some of