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Wrote W. H. Hollmer June 28

Ansd July 2nd

San Pedro Sula June 15 1915

Mr Chas L. Freer of Detroit

My Dear Sir:-

From the Smithsonian Institution of Washington I have been advised in a communication under date of the 5th instant,that they have a notice that you have bought an Antique Jar of alabaster that I put in the possession of Mr. W. H. Hollmer in the said Smithsonian Institution.However it is impossible that you could have been able to have bought it because I have not recommended it to any one in order to sell it, except Mr. Hollmer in whose hands it may be found,I would desire to know from you what you may have found out on this particular,and that in case that you may be sufficiently interested in buying the jar already referred to in order to increase your extensive collection,that you would be so good as to tell me how much you would pay for it.

Understanding that you ought to know the photograph that Mr. Hollmer has sent out to various scientific centres,not only in the United States but also in Europe.

I had proposed to myself that I would make an exhibition myself of this jar before the International Congress of Americans of which I have the honour of being a member,the Congress that as you know has already [[strikethrough]] will be [[/strikethrough]] been convened in October passed with regard to the European War.

In awaiting your appreciated news I am with the highest esteem 

Your faithful and devoted servant
J.M. Nuila

Address J.M.Nuila San Pedro Sula,Honduras, C.A.