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915 Union Trust Building,
Detroit, Michigan,
December 4th, 1908.

Mrs. Kirsey Maxfeeld,
567 Newton Avenue, North,
Minneapolis, Minn.

Dear Madam-
Your interesting letter of November 29th, came duly, and has been carefully read. I appreciate the wish Mrs. Lang has, to present me with the oil portraits of the parents of Mr. Charles V. Lang, but I regret to say, that I have no place in which to hang them. I think, that some near relatives of the late Mr. Lang are still living somewhere in Wisconsin, although I am not sure, and I am wondering if these relatives would not enjoy owning the portrait. If you care to do so, you might suggest this to Mrs. Lang.

I am much interested in your reference to the finances of Mrs. Lang, and I wish you would tell her, that as soon as I can find the time, I shall visit Minneapolis to see her, and talk over her business affairs with her. Of course, I am exceedingly sorry that the estate of the late Mr. Lang is so heavily embarrassed. I think, I know the condition of the claim of Mrs. Hogan - I also have a small claim against the estate, but my matter can wait; Mrs. Hogan's on the other 

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