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#915 Union Trust Building, 
Detroit, Michigan. 
January 15, 1910.

Enclosed herewith please find draft on New York, payable to your order, for $30., in settlement for the one stand for the small glass show-case which you made for Mr. Freer last Spring. This stand was received at Mr. Freer's residence this afternoon. After unpacking the stand, I am advised by Mr Freer's man, it was found to have been received in good condition. With this table there were found four plates of glass - size: 35" x 16" each, being the top movable shelves for the two pottery cases which you state were shipped to Washington on January 11th; also six brackets for supporting these top shelves in the pottery show cases.
I here written the United States National Museum, Washington, asking them to kindly advise me upon receipt of the pottery show cases there and just as soon as I hear from them that the cases and stands are satisfactory, I shall send you a prompt remittancs.
Kindly receipt and return Mr. Freer's voucher also enclosed herewith to,
Yours very truly, 
(Signed) George W. Alger 


Messrs. Charles F. Biele & Sons Co.
4379-361 West 12th St.,
New York, N. Y. 

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