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Guaranty Trust Company of New York

New York [[stamp]] Jan 9 1918 [[/stamp]] 19

To Charles L. Freer Esq.
33 Ferry Ave. East Detroit, Mich

In making a cable transfer it is fully understood and agreed that no liability shall attach to us nor to our correspondents for any loss or damage in consequence of any delay or mistake in transmitting the message, or for any cause beyond our control.


Payable to Seaouke Yue c/o Poh Yuen Tsar 3 Newchwang Road Shanghai
On account of Yourself
5,530. @ 108 1/2 $6000
Cable Charges, ----- $ 
Total, ------------- $
Will send bill for cable charges later

Payment will be effected by Hong Kong Shanghai Bkg Corp Shanghai

Owing to censorship and other conditions of war causing delays beyond our control, this Company reiterates its declination of responsibility in the matter of delays and miscarriages, and sends all cable orders or repetitions thereof at the clients' cost and risk in change of rates or as to any other damage whatsoever sustained by the client. GUARANTY TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK. [[/stamp]]

M [[?]] [[?]]

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