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and as history unfolds, we find that many of the reservations which were alloted to the Indians people, which perhaps by some selfish individuals were not regarded as being too attractive, have since become the richest areas in America, because it is my experience, I had an oil lease or two and I find that the best land as far as oil is concerned, seemingly is that which was allotted to the Indians, not with the thought that they were getting oil lands, but perhaps with the thought that they were getting something secondary. So, congratulations, to those of you who may share in oil royalties today. Congratulations to you, it was your property and you were entitled to it. I would like to - you have have a busy program here - may I refer to this school at Brigham City. You know up there, as you people realize, we have a school for your boys and girls and I have met some of those boys and girls, in fact, when my son was in high school two or three years ago, there was an exchange and he went up to stay at the school at Brigham City for two or three days and then a fine new Indian boy came to stay at our home and may I say that this young man that came to our home was a young man I was proud of. He was neat, he was immaculate, he was clean, he was mannerly and gracious, and we thoroughly enjoyed his stay there and so with that school being established, it promotes the kind of relationship which were promoted in my home with my boy being exchanged, lets have more of it. And you people who are here, you are a fine, intelligent looking group of representatives of your people, and as time goes by I hope that there won't be any Indian people who are not thrifty and that do not have means but rather that they will be as they should be, Americans, Americans all with all the rights and privileges, and duties and responsibilities of Americans that we may grow up side by side as friends and not as disliking each other. Thank you."
Thank you Mr, Stewart. We are again deeply honored to have with us Elder Marian D. Hanks, Member of the Seven Presidents of the First Council of Seventies, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Elder Hanks: