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December 10th., 1942.

Dear Paul: 

Harold has this minute broken the good news of your appointment, and I hasten to send you my congratulations and also to express my envy. I think it is just plain swell! - but why did you keep it such a secret? 

How does it feel to be back in the old Army? I am certain that after a couple of days you must have thought you had never left it. 

Harold also told me that he expected you here soon, and we must make it quite a celebration - though, of course, being with you in uniform, we will all have to behave in a most dignified manner!

Then I say that I am thinking of you with envy, as I believe I told you, I had great hopes a few months ago of also getting a Majority, but I am afraid that it just went over-board.

Let me hear from you soon, or - which would be a great deal better - appear in person.

With kindest thoughts,


(Germain Séligmann)

Major Paul Gardner,
H.Q. - S.O.S.
A.P.O. 759,
Fort George Meade,

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