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March 3rd 1866

Special Orders
No. 41

I. Capt. C.B. Wilder having tendered his resignation, is hereby relieved from duty as Supt. 9th Dist. Bu. R.F. and A.L. State of Va.

He will turn over all Q.M and Bureau property and funds in his possession to Capt. Geo. W. Wells, A.Q.M, U.S.V.

II. Genl Samuel Armstrong, having reported in compliance with ⁋ II, S.O. No. 29, War Dept, Bureau R.F. and A.L. is, in conformity with said order, assigned to duty as Supt 9th Dist Bureau R.F & A.L. relieving Capt. C.B. Wilder, A.Q.M. who will turn over to Genl Armstrong all orders, books and papers, pertaining to the administration of affairs in that Dist. 

By order Col. O. Brown
James A. Bates
Capt. and A.A.A.G.

March 6th 1866

Special Order 
No. 42.

I. Capt. Geo. W. Wells A.Q.M, U.S.V., having reported in compliance with Par II S.O. No. 38, C.S. Bureau of R.F. & A.L. State of Va., is hereby ordered to report to Genl S.C. Armstrong, Supt. 9th Dist, Bureau R.F & A.L. at Fort Monroe, Va, for duty as Quartermaster of said District.

II. Capt. Geo. W. Wells, A.Q.M, U.S.V, will in obedience to S.O. No. 42 P II C.S. Bureau R F & A.L, State of Va. receipt to Capt. C.B. Wilder A.Q.M for all Q.M & Bureau property & funds in his possession.


III. 1st Lieut Thomas W. Lord V.R.C is hereby relieved from duty at these Head Quarters, and will report to 1st Lieut H.S. Merrell, Supt 3rd Dist for assignment to duty

By order of Col O Brown
James A. Bates
Capt & A.A.A.G.

March 8th, 1866 

Special Orders
No. 43.

I. . . So far as any jurisdiction of this Bureau extends over it, the property of John A. Jones, consisting of a tract of land, containing Three hundred and ten acres, more, or less, situated in York County, Va., is restored to him with all his personal property, with all the rights and privileges of ownership, subject to the requirements of Par 8, Cir 15, Series 1865, War Dept, Bureau R.F. &  A.L. and upon the following conditions Viz:

1st. The property will be restored to John A. Jones, upon the expiration of the lease to any third party, or parties, if any exists. 

2nd That nothing in this order be construed as entitling him to compensation for damages to the property, or to rents which may have accrued. 

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