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Crystal Springs Miss Nov 2 1867

Maj S.S Sumner
Jackson. Miss

Dear Sir,
There is a freedman here who has I think a meritorious cause of actions against his employer for wages due in 1866. As he has applied to me for information, and as Genl Ord has issued an order covering such cases by giving laborers a lien on the crops raised this year for their wages in arrear on last opperations, I have deemed in best to refer the matter to the Bureau of R.F. & A.L. for adjustments; and as you have charge of the Dept, wish to know what process would be best — I also wish you to forward me an official Copy of the order alluded to, and if I think best will put the matter be fore the civil tribunals

Very Respectfully &c
W.J. Willing

[[right margin]] Nov. 2. 67
W.J. Willing [[/right margin]]

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Could not decipher one word after civil. Marking complete for review. ---------- Reopened for Editing 2024-02-13 10:57:35 What may look like "sp" is actually "ss" (Miss for Mississippi). Removed [[underlined]]; see current instructions in TIPS removed line demarcations