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and no magistrate in this Sub. Dist. is ever going to explain to the freedmen the benefit of having witnesses in their behalf.

It will be some time before the Freedmen will be treated with impartiality, should they do any thing contrary to the laws, although it may be done in ignorance, they will be arrested for it; should the white man commit a criminal act upon a freedmen he will not be arrested because there is not one Freedmen out of fifty that knows he has the same privilege of going to a magistrate to have him arrested, as he has always been subject to that kind of treatment, and no person is going to advise him to go to a magistrate unless it be the officer of the Freedmans Bureau

I am Captain,
Very Respectfully, Your Obt. Servt.
Watson R. Wentworth
2nd Lieut. V.R.C. &
Asst. Supt. R. F. & A.L.

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