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Aug 29
Mary Jane Washington (Freedwoman) V.S. David Beer 

Complains that after working for Mr. Beer, without a just cause he refuse to pay her for her services &c. — and requests that Mr. Beer be summoned for the purpose of making settlement.
Summons issued for Mr. Beer to appear Aug 30th 1867

Aug 30th 1867
Minerva Ott (Freedwoman) v.s. Will Denman (Freedman)

Complains that "Will" formerly living with her as her husband took her son Tom from the place where she had hired him — and asks that she may have the boy Tom returned to her care. Notice sent to Will to appear on Tuesday Sept 3rd at 11 o'clock A.M.

Aug 31st 1867
Jacob Jasper (Freedman) vs. Steptoe Blackwell

Complains that Steptoe Blackwell drove her off from his crop without just cause &c - Summons issued for Mr Blackwell to appear Sept 4th 1867


Aug 30th 1867

Defendant and Plaintive both present, the case investigated, no cause found for the complaint, and the case dismissed — with a caution to the Freedwoman that she must be more careful in regard to her language and not be so exorbitant in her demands for wages

Sept 3rd 1867

Deft. appeared according to Summons, took the boy away because he had hired him to Mr. Cook. Taking into consideration that Minerva has a sick & crippled child to take care of — the boy is restored to her authority.

Sept. 4th 1867

Deft. appeared in accordance with Summons. Proof sufficient to prove a flagrant violation of contract on the part of the freedman — The discharge justifiable. Settlement of wages &c. to be made by three referee's viz, Mr. C.C. Gibson Mr. T.W. Compton and Mr

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