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KWAJEH TORAB ALI, a Mussulman, as indicated by his name, is an inhabitant of Coel (Allyghur), where he is, as the title Moulvee denotes, a lawyer, and pleads in the civil courts. He also possesses lands, and trades in indigo. The term "Kwajeh" is applied to all the members of this fraternity, because their ancestors were retainers or household servants of some of the reigning Kings of Delhi. They have established themselves in the city of Coel for nearly a century. They are not a numerous family, and are peculiar to this district. Their habits are settled. They are Mahomedans of the Soonnee sect, devout and fanatical. Their diet is beef, mutton, fowl, fish, game, bread, rice, vegetables, &c.; but they do not indulge in spirits. Their age is ordinarily seventy or eighty years. Torab Ali is forty-seven years of age, five feet nine inches in stature, and of swarthy complexion. His eyes are greyish, as are his hair and beard. 
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