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MEER INAYUT HOSEIN, a Syud Mahometan, as his name indicates, is an inhabitant of Jellalee, in the Allyghur district, where the family have lived for many generations. They are a numerous fraternity, found chiefly in the Oude districts, and, unlike other Mussulmans, they shave their beards. They generally live on the proceeds of their lands, but numbers of them hold office under Government in various capacities. They seldom leave their homes unless in quest of service. They are Syud Mahomedans of the Shea sect. Their usual disposition is peaceable, and those who live in this district did not take part in the rebellion of 1857. They eat beef, mutton, fowl, fish, vegetables, bread, rice, &c.; but, as far as possible, they avoid receiving food of every kind from the hands of Hindoos. This is a religious observance. Their age is from sixty to seventy years. The Meer is forty-eight years of age; and of fair complexion; eyes and hair black. Height five feet eight inches. 
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