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Meer Ali Bukhsh. 

The Talpoor family or clan is divided into several branches, of which the four principal are Shahwanee, Shahadanee, Khananee, and Munikhanee. The Photograph represens the present head of the Shahwanees. His father, who was killed at the battle of Meeanee, was a large landed proprietor, in possession of 175,000 acres, granted by the Ameers, which were confirmed by Sir Charles Napier to the present possessor, then a boy, on the tenure of paying one-fourth of the produce, or as equal to 130,000 acres rent free. Under the great improvements which have been effected in Sind, and the enhanced rates of land and its produce, this fine estate has very materially increased in value, and the family are in comfortable, if not wealthy circumstances, and support many dependants.