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in New Zealand which has a lake of hydrochloric acid and deposits of sulphur. 
[[margin - Single Taxers]] In the evening went to a lecture of the Manhattan single tax club. [[strikethrough]]A[[strikethrough]] Small room on 125th. [[strikethrough]]does not[[strikethrough]]made a very uninspiring impression. Miller the lecturer spoke very well also another man. The other ones impressed me as a rather impractical lot.
April 22 [[strikethrough]]Ap[[strikethrough]] Spent one half day at the office.  
[[margin - 1/2X]]
In the evening took train to Niagara Falls. 
April 23 Spent one day at the works [[carat - of Hooker El. Ch. Co.]] and took notes of several matters which require immediate attendance. 
[[margin - 1/ X]]
Pauley has not rigged up the heating drum so as to allow sufficient heating.
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Told him to change it. Make the inlet and outlet on hub much larger and draw the combustion gas of a coal stove through it.
Vacuum pans cause considerable losses on account of "priming" and caustic leaking through perforated tubes in steam chest.  Have made typewritten memorandum. 
[[margin - Charge /$22.00 hourly expenses Trouble with vacuum pans at Hooker's]]
April 24. Spent one day at Berry Brothers. Detroit Made one run [[strikethrough]]with[[strikethrough]] of Novolak with Mr. Reed.
An obstruction in condenser made the water flow in warm and a few pails of water entered the mixer. I hope this will not have a bad effect.
[[Margin - Supervised a commercial run of Novolak at Berry Brother]]
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