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as to some very necessary alterations to the Niagara Plant
Saw [[insert]]Thomas[[insert]] Parker and submitted him my paper on Townsend Cell so that he may report to his company on the merits of same. Came home in afternoon very tired.
April 27. Stayed home. I feel very tired and nervous. Unfit to take up any work. The complications of our unnecessarily complicated living irritate me. If I could do so without inconveniencing my wife I certainly would go and live somewhere where we could dispense with servants and had a simpler and more natural life. But my
[[margin - My wish for a simpler way of living]]
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wife cannot live without some so called "society"; a stupid conventionalism and the [[strikethrough]]unwarranted [[strikethrough]] cause of all our unwarranted conventional and complicated living.
What do we want such a large house for and why all these servants? Why all that complicated trash of unnecessary furniture? All this complication becomes more and more irksome to me.
Trash - vulgar - idiotic - trash..
I spent the afternoon reading "The Spirit of the Orient" by G. W. Knox a very well written book.