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[[underlined]]Cyanerpes[[underlined]], Nov. 3, 1957, III. 3

moderately low intensity, relatively non-aggressive, hostility.

These birds do not seem to have any ritualized tail― or wing―flick patterns. An occasional wing flick does occur; but this seems to be a purely [[underlined]]un[[underlined]] ritualized [[int mov]]. (or momentarily thwarted desire to fly).  An occasional sideways jerk of the tail also occurs; but never, I think, without a corresponding body movement.

The ♀ has just had a fight with one of the Euphonias during which she jabbed at him in a sort of unritualized "head forward threat" posture, with bill partly open, (perhaps a trace of gape here), and uttered loud "Wheeehoo wheehoo" notes (obviously an extreme form of the previously mentioned Wh) Then, immediately afterwards, she stood in an extreme "Bill-up (BU) posture, much taller & thinner than any I have seen before ― and silent ― for a couple of seconds before relaxing

[[drawing with following paragraph wrapped around it]]♀

I also saw the ♂ adopt a similar but less extreme posture after jabbing a Euphonia Also silent.
This would certainly seem to be comparable to the V&HF complex of many gulls.

So far, you know, the display behavior of this
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