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Cyanerpes, Nov. 11, 1957, II. 8

appreciable aggressive component.
The ♂ in the aviary usually reacts to the presence of the wild ♂'s by peering intently, occasionally flying about excitedly, and an occasional CN or HCN. Sometimes quite a bit of silent CR, sometimes not.

Cyanerpes, I. November 13, 1957 Barro Colorado

Another ♂ in perfect plumage tried to join the captive bird today. He wasn't very active; but he wasn't very shy either; and he did do CR and utter the ordinary pure CN's.

Cyanerpes, I. November 17, 1957 Barro Colorado

The attraction of the captive birds (the ♂ I think) for the wild birds seems to be as strong as ever. I have seen up to five birds, males in all plumages (but most of them perfect) sitting on the tree above the cage & peering. I am also still amazed by the lack of display by the captive birds, the wild birds toward the captive bird, or the wild birds to each other (they sometimes sit within a few inches of each other, on the same branch). Just a lot of CR and a few CN's and HCN's.
In this latter connection, it should be noted that I saw one of the wild birds today sit for a long time with more or less
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