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July 13
to us.  He told us it was certain the rebels had retreated. Father said he was surprised to learn there had been quite a severe battle in the neighborhood. Oh no said the man only a skirmish  "But we lost 300 men" said Father "Oh "that [[is?]] nothing" returned the man "We don't consider that anything of a battle in these days". Life has grown sadly cheap within the last few years.  Turning down a side road we found a soldier stationed to guard a foot-path across the fields further on another stationed upon a crossroad.  We were not molested again however until we came to the toll gate on Seventh St. Here we were told by a fine looking young officer that the rebels had retreated towards the Patomac & our troops had gone to Tenally Town to endeavor to intercept them  The vedettes on Seventh St. road were much further out than last evening.  On our return Mr. Bates called said the Southerners had greatly enriched themselves by the raid - had carried off not only cattle & money but men & impressed them in the Southern army [[end page]]

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They certainly managed the affair well Hagerstown was compelled to pay $20,000 to purchase her safety. The town was not burnt as reported. Some fears are entertained that the force of Southerners which alarmed us will unite with those at Falls Church & attack us from the South  Our for[[strikethrough: ces]]tifications are too strong in that direction to be taken.
14th Thurs. The Blagdens here this morning  They live so near the scene of conflict we had felt very anxious about them. They first they knew of the state of affairs was the news which startled us all on coming out of church on Sunday  On riding home they saw an ambulance & some riders coming down the avenue & supposed the family were leaving but on a near approach found the party consisted of Col. McCook & staff in search of a place to establish headquarters. Numbers of our Union soldiers came to them [[?]] Monday & Tuesday for food & drink but they suffered no especial inconvenience except from their fear