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July 18
they were recognizing their friends & saluting them by name. Gen. Manydier was on the train with his wife & a young friend  He had not been able to obtain a pass to leave Wash. & had put on his uniform to show his right to do so but fortunately wore over it a linen coat which with his unmilitary appearance quite [[undeceived?]] the rebels & that passed by him with no supicion of his military importance, only demanding his watch & purse. These Mrs. Manydier had [[tucked?]] fully hidden on her person as soon as the cry of "the rebels" "the rebels" was heard. They announced on opening the car door they did not intend to molest the ladies. Gen Franklin was put in a buggy & driven some distance but at, on awakening about twelve o'clock was surprised to find the sentinals left to guard him had fallen asleep. He thought at first they were feigning but they proved not to be & slipping by them over a fence he escaped into a wood near by  [[There?]] he concealed himself in a gully covering himself with leaves & remained [[end page]]

[[start page]] 1864
July 18
until the next night. The rebels were round & near him all day searching for him. Coming out of his place of concealment when the coast was clear, at a late hour of the night, he met a countryman, with a load of hay bringing food secretly to his horses which had been concealed in the woods. He told his story & hiding under the hay was taken to the man's house where he remained until a messenger dispatched to Baltimore returned with a detachment of men for his protection
Yesterday Sunday took tea with the Kennydys They had visited ^the scene of the late contest & brought back various relics. Great indignation is felt at the conduct of the Government. Mr Welling thinks the Presidents hope of a realection is entirely destroyed. It seems our excitement was caused by a very small force, the number of troops actually engaged in the feint on Fort Stevens did not exceed 500 men  The whole force in Maryland is supposed to have been about 30,000,The