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with what astonishment did I fear this great Prince relate the dreadful changes introduced into his Empire! The cruel losses which had [[strikethrough]] diminished[[/strikethrough]] reduced the number of his illustrious Relatives [[strikethrough]][[?]][[/strikethrough]] and his forlorn Nation, without any other resources than that now offered by mere hazard. he informed me that he was surrounded by usurpers and tyrants who kept him in a most cruel state of captivity, as well as the Queen, his unfortunate Mother [[etc]] in short that their lives were in the greatest danger. then raising his voice with a courage far above his tender age: "let us set off, cried he: let us make speedy use of the assistance sent us by the gods!" --

my Lord; said I, permit me to put round you these docile chains: our united strength will doubtless produces happy effects + as long as you will guide us, we shall carry you. 

my [[cloud]] thus fitted to the person of the royal fish and deriving new life from his divine power raised into the air both my protectors and me. My hopes revived. ~ [[strikethrough]] 

we navigated in this manner over different countries which my guide surveyed with encreasing satisfaction from the wonderful facility which I added to his power.

at length my sovereign guide recollected that his presence was [[strikethrough]] necessary in these happy states which he is one day to govern; and tho' this AEtherial voyage seemed to him as rapid as the twinkling of an eye, [[yet]] all his moments are counted by his best subjects.

he conducted me to the banks of a River which serves as a boundary between two of the most flourishing Empires in the world. on these banks was then assembled an army commanded by the bravest princes of his blood. here I was [[strikethrough]][[repeatedly]][[/stikethrough]] making repeated declarations never to forsake him - when, all of a sudden, the spell broke - the Illusion vanished. during that instant of delight I had seen my model of perfection; - pleasure awoke me. ~

happy, twice happy the sovereigns who have had an opportunity of acquiring knowledge and experience either in traveling thro' different [[strikethrough]] states or thro' their own, but not as Lords of the Earth; or from misfortunes which have [[strikethrough]] given then some wholesome lessons of adversity! happy, twice happy the people governed by such sovereigns! such were henry IV. of France; the Czar Peter I. [[?]] heaven grant we may be able to add to these great names the name [[strikethrough]] of the unfortunate Dauphin of France Louis XVII. 
my thoughts, my sentiments, my writings, are the only clues, the only means in my power to snatch him from his captivity;