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[[Image - four images removed from other texts and attached here]] 

[[Image 1 - balloon launch; large crowd, buildings]]
EXPERIENCE AEROSTATIQUE FAITE A VERSAILLES le 19 Sept. 1783 En Presence de leurs Majestés de la Famille Royale et de plus de 130 mille Spectateurs par Mrs [[Messieurs]] de Montgolfier avec un Ballon de 17 Pieds de hauteur sur 41 de Diametre. Cette superbe Machine s'eleva dans les airs a une grande hauteur a la surprise des Spectateurs et au bruit des acclamations public elle descendit lentement 8 minuttes après a 1700 toises de distance du point de son depart dans le bois de Vaucresson Carrefour Marechal. Le Mouton le Coq et le Canard n'eprouverent aucune incomodite.

[[Image 2 - balloon launch; large crowd, buildings]]
[[?, text too small to read at this resolution]] Experience faite à Versailles en présence de leurs Majestés et de la Famille Royale par M. Montgolfier, le 19. Sept. 1783. La Machine Aërostatique avoit 57 Pieds de haut, sur 41 de Diametre.

Engraved for the European Magazine.
[[Image 3 - balloon launch; man in center front has tools indicating he was the person launching [[perhaps Montgolfier]], crowd in foreground watching launch includes priest, monk, person playing wind instrument; balloon gondola holds a duck, a sheep, and a rooster; two telescopes; observation tower includes man with mortarboard]]
The Ascent of the Aerial Balloon. 
Published Nov. 1. 1783 by I. Fielding, Pater Noster Row.
[[text bottom right unreadable at this resolution]]

The Descent of the Air Balloon.
[[Image 4 - Balloon landing; same balloon as Image 5, this time at landing; mayhem, people in foreground have fallen, the animals are escaping the gondola, crowd reacting in fear, man holds book and crucifix at the balloon, monkey or [[imp]] hanging from a tree in upper center of image]] 
Monsieur de Montgolfiers Air Balloon after having Ascended an Amazeing heighth above the Clouds & being Carryed in the Air 45 Leagues, fell down near a Cottage, where the poor Country People were excedingly frightened & Astonished, the Cock, Sheep, & the Duck, Came out of the Basket which had been tyed to it unhurt. 
[[illegible small print: Published ... I. Fielding, Pater Noster Row]]