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[[stamped page number]] 8 [[end stamp]] Puerto Rico 8.

[[margin note: strikethrough]] IX-31-35 [[/strikethrough]] Spent morning putting away specimens and
[[left margin note]] X-1-35 [[end margin note]] making new cyanide jar and cleaning bottles. After lunch rode to Mayaguez by way of Bayamon, Arecibo, and Aguadilla. The trip was uneventful, - ran into a light shower.
In Mayaguez went direct to home of Mr. R.G. Oakley on the Experiment Station grounds. He had offered me a room, etc. We went next door for dinner with Mr. & Mrs. C.L. Horn. Mr. Horn is a horticulturist. There was present also [[strikethrough]] Mr. [[/strikethrough]] [[overwritten]] Dr. [[/overwriting]] & Mrs. S.N. Watson. Dr. Watson is a biometrist.
Oakley is an inspector of the Bur of Ento. & Plant Quarantine. He has an office in the Experiment Station. At about ten o'clock he took me down
[[left margin, strikeout]] IX-1-35 [[/margin note]] to the lab to see some of his specimens,- the scarabs Ed liked so much, and a few staphs. We had a pleasant talk and got to bed at 12:30. I had a soft double bed to myself and really slept.
[[left margin]] X-2-35 [[end margin note]] Went to the Station after breakfast and met several entomologists. Dr. H.L. Dozier, working on screw-worm parasites and interested somewhat in Coccinellidae; Dr. Tullock, mosquitoes; Dr. L.C. McAllister, fruit fly work, administrator of the special work this year; Dr. M.R. Smith, ants; Mr. H.K. Plank, cocoanut insects.
Dr. Dozier has been interested in Staphs as possible predators of screw worm larvae. He has found
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two species in dung with larvae which can be definitely associated. He has made slides of the larvae and was attracted by an apparent biramous condition of the antennae. The penultimate segment bears the short ultimate and a large conical lobe,- undoubtedly a modified seta. He promised to send specimens to Voris and to me. Dr. Tullock gave me several copies of a mimeographed map of the island to use in my notebook. We tried to find Mr. Atherton Leo, the Director, but he was out, so I left my letter from Witmore. Then Mr. Oakley took me over to the home of Dr. Danforth, professor of zoology at the University. He showed us a box half - full of Staphs, mostly small and apparently common things, - no Tachyporinae at all, and invited us to come back in the evening for a longer session. 
Dr Dozier asked me to tell Dr. Chapin that he is correlating adults and larvae of the Staphs he sent in ^[[under a Bishop No.]] and would appreciate determinations if possible. If there are no objections he would like to send duplicates to Voris.
After lunch Mr. Oakley took me out to 
[[underlined]] Station 46. [[/underlined]]
Pasture at edge of a marshy lake,- Lake Cartagena, 3 miles east of Bokueron, 20 miles south of Mayaguez.