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16261 Primula sp? flowers [[strikethrough]] w[[/strikethrough]] wine colored in shady banks under shrubs, west of Muli, 12000 ft elev.

16262 Aster sp? florets deep purple, same locality as 16261 but in open meadows. 12500 ft. 

16263 Composite flowers yellow, same loc. as 16262.  

16264 Orchid, flowers pinkish purple, on banks under pine trees also extending into spruce forest elev 12500 ft. between Soteroka and Rutuh north-west slopes of Mt. Mitzuga, Muli territory. 

16265 Lilium sp? flowers white, dry gorge of Shou chu, 9200 ft elev. with Jasminum, Osteomeles etc. northwest of Muli. 

16266 herb, flowers pink, same loc. as 16265 on dry rocky banks. 

16267 Primula sp? flowers lake-colored purple, drooping, watercourses of the Djaku gorge elev. 10000 ft. tributary of the Shou chu. 

16268 Lilium sp? flowers greenish, forests of the Sogachu the glacier stream of Shanaudadji, tributary of Djaku. elev. 8700 ft. 

16269 Asclepiad. vine over shrubs in Shouchu gorge, northwest of Muli, 9000 ft. flowers pale pink. 

16270 Primula sp? moist banks in Shouchu gorge, 9600 ft. flowers purple.