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16361 Rhododendron sp? shrubs 6-8 ft. flowers white leaves stiff linear, foot of Dzambala at Saiyo Ka tso camp, elev 15400 ft. Mt. Konka, southern slopes of Chanandodji . 

16362 Lichen in moss alpine swamp same locality as 16361. 

16363 Lichen sp? same loc. as 16361. This is a medicinal plant called in Nashi gkole and in Chinese "Snow tea" [[Chinese characters]] Shwe cha. a tea decoction is made and drunk against cold 

16364 Lichen same loc. as 16361. in alpine swamps. 

16365 Primula sp? gravelly slopes of Dzambala, south of Shanandodji elev. 15600 ft. flowers purple. Mt. Konka. 

16366 Rhododendron sp? flowers white, shrub 6-10 ft. same locality as 16361. 

16367 Rhodod. sp? shrub 10 ft, flowers pink, same locality as 16361. Mt. Konka.

16368 Rhodod. adenogynum Diels sp? shrub 8-10 ft. see autochrome flowers rich pink to purplish with deep purple spots. Southern slopes of Jambiyang Mt. Konka elev. 14900 ft. 

16369 Rhodod. sp. prostrate shrub, flowers rich wine colored, near summit of Yaka pass 16000 ft. southern slopes of Jambiyang, Mt. Konka. 

16370 Primula sp? flowers a deep rich purple, among rocks and muddy slopes at Yaka pass 16500 ft elev. Southern slopes of Jambiyang Mt. Konka. 
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