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16151 Rhod. sp? shrub 4-5 ft. often 6 ft. flowers pink, dry slopes in spruce forest back of Kopati or Toten-ling (lamasery) 11000 ft elev. June 1928.

16152 Leguminous shrub 5-6 ft. flowers pink [[in drooping racemes, forests of Kopati Muli district. same loc. as 16151.

16153 Deutzia sp? shrub 4-5 ft. flowers white same locality as 16151.

16154 Rhodod. sp? shrubs 12 ft. flowers lavender & pink, Kopati-Djago forests. elev. 11000 ft. Muli district.

16155 Rhodod. sp? shrub 6 ft same locality as 16154.

16156 Rhodod. sp? shrub 2 ft. flowers pink, spruce forest clearings at elev. 11000 ft. Kopati east of Muli, 

16157 Peonia sp? shrub 5 ft. flowers yellow, spruce forests of Kopati east of Muli, elev. 11000 ft.

16158 Rhodod. sp? shrub 2-3 ft. flowers pink, clearings in spruce forests at Kopati elev. 11000 ft. June 1928.

16159 Monocot. flowers greenish, slopes in pine forest of Kopati, east of Muli 11000 ft.

16160 Spiraea sp? Kopati along stream 10500 ft. June 1928.