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[[underline]] 9. Journal [[/underline]]

Between Green River & Granger saw 2 [[underline]] Falco Mexicanus [[/underline]] and an owl, apparently a short eared flying over the snow at 5PM.  Near Granger saw 3 White tailed prairie-dogs out on the snow near their holes & saw several other holes where they had been out.  This was near 5P.M. clear & still but no signs of thawing - temperature probably near zero, as was 18 below at Opal this morning. Saw dozens of cottontails sitting on the snow - all seemed to be long eared - probably [[L. baileyi?]].

[[underline]] Opal [[/underline]] Reached Opal at 6P.M. and got my baggage over to little hotel & sorted for starting on stage trip at 8.A.M.  Tomorrow for Big Piney and Cora. Road said to be bad & it may take several days to get through. Said to have been 18 below zero here this morning.  Clear & beautiful weather.