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Cuba and Jamaica - 1937.

Jan. 21 - 24. On board the United Fruit boat "Quirigua". Left New York just after noon, in slight fog. Found stateroom and roommate who is John McKeown, Winnetka, Ill., a civil engineer (Univ. of Illinois, 1915). He was an aviator in the last war and lost leg in crash in France. Usual occupational facilities available,- shuffleboard, deck quoits, putting, table tennis, walking, sitting on deck, etc.
The gulls which have followed us from New York left our boat sometime during the night of the 22nd. On the 23rd much Sargasso weed was visible, occuring in large brown patches, some of which seemed to be as much as a hundred feet across. Flying fishes were also becoming common but were somewhat of a disappointment because of their small size, the larger ones being hardly more than a foot long. They volplane for considerable distances and occasionally appear to run up a wave for a new take-off after making a long initial flight.

Jan. 24. Docked at Habana at exactly 6 PM. Dr. Aguayo, whom I had already met in Washington, came aboard with the immigration authority. As soon as I received a permit to land, we went ashore where we found S. C. Bruner and L. C. Scaramuzza waiting. The four of us went first to "Sloppy Joe's" for Daiquiri cocktails, the a short sightseeing trip about Habana. Aguayo chartered a [[underlined]] ford [[/underlined]], which is Cuban for [[underlined]] taxi [[/underlined]] to take us along Prado and out El Malacon as far as Vedado and then back to the restaurant "El Patio", facing on the Prado, for dinner. El Malecon is a very beautiful boulevard or shore drive. It extends from La Punta, which is the point of land extending toward El Morro, west along the shore to beyond Vedado, in all several miles. From La Punta in toward the center of the city runs El Prado, a beautiful avenue with a magnificent shaded terrace which divides the two lanes of traffic. At the head of Prado stands the ornate Capitolio, the seat of the Cuban government.
Dinner at El Patio was excellent and bountiful; I had a fruit cup, soup, fish, steak, salad and coffee. By the end of the salad course there was no room left for the dessert, so it was omitted. It was 9.40 PM when we left the table and we immediately started by ford to call on Alex. Bierig, in Vedado. We found him in and talked about beetles, especially Staṕhylinidae, until nearly midnight. Bierig is an artist and