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Mr. Gosling & go also to the museum for a short time.  Go to dinner with Mr. Tracy at the Raffles Hotel & enjoy spending the evening with him and his companions, play a game of billiards with Tracy & bed about 11:30.

Wednesday, April 24, 1912.
Singapore (De La Paix)
Clear, R.

Arise about 7:00, go around to the jewellers & get my watch and after breakfast get a rickshaw & go to several shops doing errands and go to the shipping office with Capt. Ruthen & "sign off", go to Goslings & talk to him about my outfit & go to the Dutch steamship office.  Mr. Tracy have tiffin with me and kindly give me information about boats to Borneo.  This afternoon I did some errands & went to the taxidermists & met Mr. Gosling's son & talk to him about hunting; evening stay in my room & study Malay.  11:15.

Thursday, April 25, 1912.
Singapore (De La Paix)
Clear, R.

Arise about 7:00 and after breakfast go to tailors & shoemakers and to shipping masters to find out about Dolah, & go to Goslings.  I also called at the museum & saw Dr. Hanitch & visited the museum taxidermist; after tiffin I went to the S.S. Office & then to Goslings & unpack a couple of my boxes & put the guns & rifle in one case, go for a walk with Gosling. Bed, 10:15.

Friday, April 26, 1912.
C., R. Cl.
Singapore (Hotel De La Paix)

Arise about 7:00 and spend practically the whole day running errands, meet Dolah at Goslings at 10:00 & go to