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[[preprinted]] 148 [[/preprinted]]
√ By and by I will lie down    Pa ma in gesh kesh en
√ Now the girls are lying down  N'gome ke kago suk skesh noke
√ Bed                           M'bagin
√ Very long                     Ke chik ken a wam get
√ Short                         Squaw get
√ The cross                     Sha shose sah tuk
√ We will bury                  Gin go wa min
√ Play                          Sam na wuk
√ Work                          Me ke cha wuk
√ Boil                          O so wak
√ Hot water                     Ke sha po tek
√ Cold water                    Tah ka po kuk
√ I'll kill rat                 Gin sah shish ko
√ Too much noise                Kesh qua wak sum
√ Go slow                       Pe es con
√ I'm sleepy                    N'ge kepe a kosh
√ Half                         A pe teh
√ How many years old is your son   Tin a git^[["^" written in different ink]]so pan ga zet ke guess
[[short line break]]
[[circled]] 21 [[/circled]]
√ Calico                        Kete ke^[["^" written in different ink]]a kin
√ Black cloth                   M' keta wa gin
√ Sharp knife                   Ke chik keen yah koman
√ Drill                         Ke chis yah qua
√ I am glad to see you          Get in'che wy num [[handwritten note in different ink inserts the "^" with an arrow to "h/a"]] wap eme nun
√ I am not glad to see you      Cho net che wine mose ^ha wap eme nin
√ I do not like it              Cho^[["^" written in different ink]]en num wen do see
√ I forgot                      N'ge waw we nen don
√ Clean                         Pene na quit
√ Dirty                         Choen na quit
√ Get the horse                 We me shin nek tosk sha
√ I have ^ [[insertion]] catched [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] caught [[/strikethrough]] the horse   N'geme shin^[["^" written in different ink]]yah nek tosk sha
√ The deer run [["un" overwrites "an"; the text originally read "The deer ran off"]] off              Suk see ke wy pee
√ Run off                       O sha mone
√ Land or Country               Ke tuk keme wah
√ I don't want to buy land      Co^[["^" written in different ink]]en nene guk gesh pin a tone tuk een
√ Go to the creek and wait after a while I will come   We ma^[["^" written in different ink]]chen se pe wa epa chee kitch e kospa ma nene guppeyah
[[short line break]]
[[circled]] 22 [[/circled]]
√ Tramping                       Can a bat way wesh can
√ Where did you go               Ton a pee che ca shi ah
√ I went to Fort Wayne           Ke ki oge in'ge she ah
√ Who did you go for             Wak a neche kow chesh e an
√ I went for money               Sho ne ah in'ge naw din
√ Did you get it                 Ke kees kit tone nah
√ I got it                       In'geke skit tone
√ What did you do with it        Tin^[["^" written in different ink]]e che kek tote min
√ I bought food with it          Wah me che you ge gesh pin a tone
√ The chiefs are gone to kan     O kum ak tiak a keke she ek
√ Shaw na quek went with them    Shaw na quek o we che a wan
√ They do not know the road      Chong ka kan ma see na wak neaw

Transcription Notes:
There are several instances Po-da-wahd-min side of the page where an editor has used blue pen to correct the translation, often by using an "insert" symbol. On some of these occasion that symbol is accompanied by a notation of "h/a". On the occasions that it is not accompanied by such a notation, it is possible that the same insertion is intended. In all cases, the "^" in the transcription should not be considered diacritic marks associated with the language, but rather instances in which an editor did not complete the process of insertion.

Please note that the language and terminology used in this collection reflects the context and culture of the time of its creation, and may include culturally sensitive information. As an historical document, its contents may be at odds with contemporary views and terminology. The information within this collection does not reflect the views of the Smithsonian Institution, but is available in its original form to facilitate research. For questions or comments regarding sensitive content, access, and use related to this collection, please contact